Thursday, July 22, 2010

Segregation: A Most Insiduous Evil

I am resposting this from John Moore's blog about an important new  film. See below for information:

Segregation, a new project from NCFIC and the award-winning filmmaker Phillip Leclerc, is an important film about an important issue. I would wholeheartedly encourage you to watch the trailer, follow the film's development, and support the production both financially and socially.

View the trailer.

Segregation from NCFIC on Vimeo.

As you can see from the trailer, the caliber of production is very, very high. This kind of quality requires resources, it requires prayers, and in the end, it can have a very high impact on the audience.


"Now is not a time for introspection or compromise. It is not even time for more research and statistical analysis. That has already been done by many. It is time to call the church to back to the clear commands of Scripture, to repent and reject the methodology of the world, and to obey by implementing biblical, age-integrated worship and discipleship in the church.

Will You Help Us?

We need $85,000 in order to complete this film making project. Praise the Lord: He has brought in $17,000 already which has brought us this far in the project. We are earnestly praying that the Lord would provide the remaining $68,000 in order to finish the film and have it in your hands by this fall."

Let me encourage you all to be a part of this film. Donate your prayers, your thoughts, your emails, your blogs, and if you can, your money. I'm very enthusiastic about this film, and would love to see it reach far and wide into the culture. With your support, I believe it will.

To contribute to this important project, click here:

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