Monday, August 30, 2010

My Smoothie Recipe!

This is my daily breakfast. I think it is so good and healthy all in one. You can adjust to specific needs, of course, but this is a good basic recipe to start out with. Experiment with it and have fun!

1-2 Bananas (frozen makes it more creamy and thick)
Frozen or fresh blueberries (about a handful or so)
Can add fresh or frozen Strawberries and/or raspberries, or any fruit of choice (A tropical one is good sometimes for a change, and  just use coconut, mango, pineapple etc)
Fresh Kale or spinach (a stalk or handful, by taste)
Coconut oil ( heaping tablespoonful)
Coconut Milk (add enough so blender can churn and adjust to thickness desired
Cinnamon (to taste again:))
Greek yogurt ( a dollop if desired, and dairy isn't a problem)
Nutritional yeast (I use about a teaspoon)
Lecithin (Teaspoon-tablespoon)
Ground flaxseed (1 teaspoon)
Pysillium (tablespoon)
Green powder (Tablespoon)
Vitamins C powder ( I use Alacer-Emergen C type)
You can add nuts, dates, honey, (for enzyme content) stevia, whatever you think will be suited to your needs and taste! (Not necessary though)

Blend this all up in a blender and use the Coconut milk as needed for smooth and drinkable consistency.

Enjoy energy and health!!!

Hope you like this. Let me know how you liked it, if you try it! Comments are always welcome!
God Bless and have a wonderful week in Christ!

In His Grip,

Friday, August 20, 2010

Amazing God!

It is so good to be a part of a heavenly family. God's greatness,  His goodness, mercy, grace and loving kindness are matchless and unbelievably amazing! We deserve nothing, and yet He saw fit to save us (His children) from our own destruction.  He took us by the hand and gently, yet firmly, led us to Himself. What a WONDERFUL God we serve!!!!!! The King of all knows our very thoughts, desires and motives. Shouldn't we then, be always and ever alert to our weakness and failings, that we might ask Him to forgive, and that we would confess to Him daily of our shortcomings so that we may be clean and  able to commune with the King of Glory?! How horrible it would be to know such an incredible ONE as HE and not be able to feel His presence and  the warmth  of His love, How awful to not know His close and strong touch. What if we couldn't feel the His power in prayer and know He is listening? How could we desire anything less? The perfect God, who died for us,  and rose again, wants our hearts, whole and pure, that we might bow before His throne, to worship and adore Him in the fullness of who He is! To love and enjoy Him forever and ever! What am unfathomable gift!!!! Oh, the depths of His love and forgiveness, could we really ever comprehend it?? I say not. We must remain true to Him and His word , we must cling to Him always. We need our God every day! All praise and honor to our Great and Mighty God! Words just can't explain His goodness and nothing can contain Him! Give Him the glory due His Holy name!

Have a superb week and keep short accounts with our Heavenly Father who knows all, sees all, and is everywhere we go.  He knows the very number of hairs on our head and the number of stars in the sky! How amazing is HE!

 Seek to honor, obey and glorify Him! He is all we need! HE is worthy, though we are NOT!

 Safe In His Gracious Grip,