Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fear Not

Come to the waters edge and look into the shimmery reflection. There is a face that ripples with the emotion of fear and  worry; solitude blankets the cold dark water where the depth is not known below. As the evening rolls away into a starry dream there is a chill and shudder that remembers no more.

Mountainous thoughts then swirl like a furor, comes in waves and fits. Where once was a photograph with laughing faces and carefree happy people, where no one knew the deepest cries or thoughts, now uncovered and left alone.  Vulnerable and unknowing about what there be ahead, no strong branch that visibly stands, holding up the fruit within  her twigs.

There is a weakened and withering sense  of misty remembrances that boldly  stalks about leaving scars and tears on a path leading  into the future . Shadows follow and threaten to remove all safety. Thankfully, God knows our frame and takes us to that rivers edge and helps us to see clearly, His amazing grace, strength, mercy and protection. 

Like a band of dessert travelers goes the one, weary and alone, but emboldened by His words of love and promises. He gives  strength like unto an army when one is alone yet walking with Him. Like a baby in the arms of a loving parent, there is  a warm retreat and comfort.   We never walk alone.    

Return to the place of security and courage, to face the fray. There is one who stands beside us, who carries us and prays for us, who cares and provides all of our needs. He is the Great I Am. He loves us in our frail and weakened state, when we trust in Him.

Come to the waters edge and take a walk into the unknown waters of healing. He will arm us and keep us with wisdom and the mind of Christ. He gives us the feet of a deer to jump over the rough places. Fear not,God Almighty is He!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Simple dance

A winding dusty road, leads to the green pastures. A breezy, fresh breath  of air that I inhale deeply, is taking me on a ride along  that joyous path. Memories and laughter,  a smile, words of love, and encouragement, are like the soft Summer rain, renewing and amazing in splashes of light and triumph. I sigh, I remember, I walk along the way with You, Oh God, holding me in your Wonderful  hands.

 There are rays of sun beaming down on all that is good and right in this world, bringing warmth and hope. What can we do? We walk in the light, as He is in the light. We implore others to join in this walk of life. We give inspiration and encouragement, blessings and love.Your  arms of security are there to steady us as we go along the way.

Lord of all, take us there to your place of peace and blessing, the place where you are, that we may be in your Holy will. Oh God I ask for your precious heart of love to wrap around your people to abide in You. Help us to  be like Jesus,telling  the lost of Your goodness and be a bit of heaven for someone who may be struggling as they go. Cause us, your people, to remain in You, your words of truth, your promises forever!.

Father, Glorious Lord, you are what we all need in this dying world, that fades with the noonday  sun. The frailty of mankind, is slowly ebbing, the world as we knew it is dying....BUT, alas, we know you are The Great I AM, the KING of ALL!! You are  the everlasting Father and Prince of peace, no matter what ails us or this world. We have the knowledge of your grace, mercy, truth and unconditional love, There, may our minds rest in You. You are our field,our meadow, our streams of refreshing in the dessert, winding along and giving us the cool, bubbling waters to wash in and be replenished in,  to see your creative reflection in! 

Happy,are those who walk in Your ways and to keep them, those who dance the simple dance of life, with YOU!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not Forgotten or Alone

Sometimes not allowed to think for oneself, a vacancy inside.
A desert, windy, dry and unkempt.
Serene, peaceful, with desperate attempts to decide
what is right to do. Is there a way to verse the pain and ugliness?
Should all be told, forgotten, forgiven, or just pushed aside?

Whenever there is disdain, hurt, subordination and regrets
forgotten people, left alone fighting to survive,
there is a kind of strength that only God can provide.
Then comes the grace, love, mercy from above,
only obtained by prayer, child-like trust and surrender to Him.

Heaven's great secret told to those who abide
will refresh and surround all who go forth in praise.
It's a mountain top place amidst the trials,
comes through abandonment to He, Who is greater than I.

Only then a peace and joy, dependent upon God.
Forever He is good, faithful and True, always so close
to those who believe He is the Great I Am.
Beautiful Savior knows all we go through!

Now the pain will subside and the derision be pushed aside.
a fellowship with the cloud of witnesses that
join in the song, the reverie, and come astride,
the King's army of warrior's are ever there to confide.

Rest in Him, Gentle One He is, adore and look to His face
for every need to be found, comes only through Him.
His Love is amazing, His word will comfort weary eyes.
Come along dear children, fear not nor shy away.
You have the mind of Christ, dear child of the King!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


To Birmingham Castle

This is a new book that I HIGHLY recommend to all readers!! A local author and good friend has written this family friendly book. The story contains adventure and  Godly historical fiction WITHOUT all the sorcery, magic, and witchcraft so many today include. Please order and read to your entire family!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Song and Dance of the Flower

There's a song on the billowy breeze that seems just out of reach. A song so high and sweet, a breeze that tickles and teases our delight, but just out of reach. The wilting Daisy is hanging her head in shame and worn down by the beating of rain, just here and then, ever after gone.
The tulip is bright and dainty, yet strong and full in beauty. She is standing tall and proud, her face to the sky, but she is holding her own, in the wind and the storm, as she embraces the dance and swings in full gale! The shiny petals and delicate grace, of God's own choosing, are made by His own creative flair.
There is a sight to behold when two, made the same, yet not alike in kind, are mingled together, and live a different fate. One flower is growing in grace and an elegant sight, the other is hanging her wilted petals and dreadfully afraid.
A song is the song, that is lifted high in the breeze, that sings to a soulful cloud hanging low overhead. How can one be so tall and assured, while one is so woefully downtrodden and feeling left to fight? One longs, as the other, to be loved and adored, while dancing alone brings longing and such an empty flight.
Life is short and too often we forget, the dance is for us to give to the Lord. He created us for His purpose and His own special delight. How can we leave the whirling and studied dance, with the wind of our strength who sends our wings to flight? He alone is powerful and wonderful, too much to comprehend. Our everlasting Father, who gives perfect peace, to Him we must give all that we have, and take hold of His hand! He is the Rising Star, our Day Spring and Rose of Sharon. His beauty never fades or dies, He is, the Prince of peace!
Wilting flower rise up to the son! Allow the King of Glory, your maker, your song, to water and feed and bring you up to Himself. Give glory to Him, the GREAT I AM. He is our strength and our delight. He is the music that sends our feet to dancing. He is all that we need.
Still there she is, her song is unsung, her petals are falling, yet He gently gathers them all in His very own hands and holds them close to Himself. He is!