Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fear Not

Come to the waters edge and look into the shimmery reflection. There is a face that ripples with the emotion of fear and  worry; solitude blankets the cold dark water where the depth is not known below. As the evening rolls away into a starry dream there is a chill and shudder that remembers no more.

Mountainous thoughts then swirl like a furor, comes in waves and fits. Where once was a photograph with laughing faces and carefree happy people, where no one knew the deepest cries or thoughts, now uncovered and left alone.  Vulnerable and unknowing about what there be ahead, no strong branch that visibly stands, holding up the fruit within  her twigs.

There is a weakened and withering sense  of misty remembrances that boldly  stalks about leaving scars and tears on a path leading  into the future . Shadows follow and threaten to remove all safety. Thankfully, God knows our frame and takes us to that rivers edge and helps us to see clearly, His amazing grace, strength, mercy and protection. 

Like a band of dessert travelers goes the one, weary and alone, but emboldened by His words of love and promises. He gives  strength like unto an army when one is alone yet walking with Him. Like a baby in the arms of a loving parent, there is  a warm retreat and comfort.   We never walk alone.    

Return to the place of security and courage, to face the fray. There is one who stands beside us, who carries us and prays for us, who cares and provides all of our needs. He is the Great I Am. He loves us in our frail and weakened state, when we trust in Him.

Come to the waters edge and take a walk into the unknown waters of healing. He will arm us and keep us with wisdom and the mind of Christ. He gives us the feet of a deer to jump over the rough places. Fear not,God Almighty is He!