Monday, November 15, 2010

His Loving Embrace!

There is a way that seems right to us- its way curves, bends, and widens as we go. The turns and diversions, along the way, bring fear, hurt, and horrible destruction.
The body of sin often takes this way, leaving behind a strewn path of ache and blame. The mouth of sin does speak in doubt and warped pain aimed to hit the mark and bring down all who get in it's way!
Slain and bleeding are those who nearby tread, crying out for mercy. The Lord will hear! God Almighty, God of grace- He leads us beside those waters still.God our Shepherd gives His strong embrace, He makes us to fall down and weep, upon our face!
The flesh does fight and flail about, knowing only it's own pleasure and delights. The sky will darken, the storms will come as the seas are rising and the tide whirls in.
Just as a bird in flight knows the patterns of the wind that carry him- we too  can know the power of God's unfailing love, forgiveness and grace.
We must look  only unto Him, giving Him all our agony and struggle. We leave it at the cross and humbly submit our hearts and will to Him.
This is the way of God, He so graciously allows our footsteps to falter, our hearts to stammer, then gloriously He gives us feet like a deer to leap and to sail over all the rough places!
The sinners must give over and die, for to die is gain. The mouth of sin must be silent, still, and listen for God's words of accuracy. He alway delivers, never late, His merciful and wonderful embrace, when we ask with contrite hearts and humble submission.
Only our God knows our every sin, He knows the direction we take. As our Shepherd leads us to those still, quiet waters- the ebb tide arrives  and we bask in His warm, impervious  and loving grip.
His mercies are new, His words infinitely true, He loves us and bids us draw near  to the water's edge. Grace meets mercy, as deep calls unto deep, and together they meld as faith is fastened and obedience becomes our delight.
The sun may go down, the rains will prevail, but always, our magnificent God takes us to the edge where we can behold His glorious face. We then are made new and white again, washed clean and refreshed.
Walk on oh body of sin- sin no more! We can take hold of His  Royal hand and let Him escort us on the way.
Oh body of sin we need to put down the parsimonious deeds of the flesh! Let no more unwholesome words pass from our lips! Make ammends, be true, set our eyes and heart upon Jesus Christ, the only One who knows our every distress. He heals! He restores! He forgives! HE IS the GREAT I AM!
Wait for Him, daily seek Him out to repent and repose. His tender, loving embrace will strengthen us and make us able to face Him again!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Our family just had a wonderful and exciting trip as we made our way to San Antonio Texas for the SAICFF. We drove and it took us 11 hours to get there!
We finally got to meet all the really tremendous people Joshua worked with on Ace Wonder as well as many more. We were privileged to meet John Moore, his entire family,Geoff and Victoria Botkin and some of their children. We also met Doug Phillips and so many other top-notch people in the industry.
Joshua and Kelsey are now trying to come up with a workable story line for their next movie, as they want to try and get their film entered into the 2012 SAICFF.
We were all encouraged, and instructed, as we listened to the film maker's themselves. We also enjoyed a workshop on how to analyze a film. 
I want to highlight one documntary in particular though. First I will tell you that there were many really excellent films, such as The Penny, Ace Wonder, (OF COURSE!), Runner From Ravenshead, Divided, to name a few. The film I want to make known to you also happens to be the Jubilee/Grand prize  winner!
The title of the documentary is: "Agenda, Grinding America Down"
I am going to post a link for the trailer here:

I very strongly recommend you purchase, if possible, watch this,  and show as many people as you can. It is well worth your investment of time! This film exposes the fact that communism is NOT dead. Extremely well documented and very compelling!
I hope  you enjoy it, but mostly  that you will become informed, if you aren't already, regarding the content of this excellent film!
God Bless  you.
In Christ,