Thursday, November 4, 2010


Our family just had a wonderful and exciting trip as we made our way to San Antonio Texas for the SAICFF. We drove and it took us 11 hours to get there!
We finally got to meet all the really tremendous people Joshua worked with on Ace Wonder as well as many more. We were privileged to meet John Moore, his entire family,Geoff and Victoria Botkin and some of their children. We also met Doug Phillips and so many other top-notch people in the industry.
Joshua and Kelsey are now trying to come up with a workable story line for their next movie, as they want to try and get their film entered into the 2012 SAICFF.
We were all encouraged, and instructed, as we listened to the film maker's themselves. We also enjoyed a workshop on how to analyze a film. 
I want to highlight one documntary in particular though. First I will tell you that there were many really excellent films, such as The Penny, Ace Wonder, (OF COURSE!), Runner From Ravenshead, Divided, to name a few. The film I want to make known to you also happens to be the Jubilee/Grand prize  winner!
The title of the documentary is: "Agenda, Grinding America Down"
I am going to post a link for the trailer here:

I very strongly recommend you purchase, if possible, watch this,  and show as many people as you can. It is well worth your investment of time! This film exposes the fact that communism is NOT dead. Extremely well documented and very compelling!
I hope  you enjoy it, but mostly  that you will become informed, if you aren't already, regarding the content of this excellent film!
God Bless  you.
In Christ,

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  1. Looking forward to seeing some of them tonight!!!