Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Not Forgotten or Alone

Sometimes not allowed to think for oneself, a vacancy inside.
A desert, windy, dry and unkempt.
Serene, peaceful, with desperate attempts to decide
what is right to do. Is there a way to verse the pain and ugliness?
Should all be told, forgotten, forgiven, or just pushed aside?

Whenever there is disdain, hurt, subordination and regrets
forgotten people, left alone fighting to survive,
there is a kind of strength that only God can provide.
Then comes the grace, love, mercy from above,
only obtained by prayer, child-like trust and surrender to Him.

Heaven's great secret told to those who abide
will refresh and surround all who go forth in praise.
It's a mountain top place amidst the trials,
comes through abandonment to He, Who is greater than I.

Only then a peace and joy, dependent upon God.
Forever He is good, faithful and True, always so close
to those who believe He is the Great I Am.
Beautiful Savior knows all we go through!

Now the pain will subside and the derision be pushed aside.
a fellowship with the cloud of witnesses that
join in the song, the reverie, and come astride,
the King's army of warrior's are ever there to confide.

Rest in Him, Gentle One He is, adore and look to His face
for every need to be found, comes only through Him.
His Love is amazing, His word will comfort weary eyes.
Come along dear children, fear not nor shy away.
You have the mind of Christ, dear child of the King!