Friday, July 2, 2010


This is a poem by my seventeen year old daughter Kelsey Anne that I want to share with you.
 Hope you enjoy!

Are you mortally gripped with sin

And the terror of this life?

No strong grasp of what you see;

Full with repulsion and deep strife?

The rest, given you freely

Has been quickly pushed away.

You rush to sin and evil,

When you should simply kneel and pray.

Such a wicked heart beheld

The dark lusting you stepped in;

Glad the flesh chose errant ways-

And strong, depressing chains of sin.

Now, look deeply in your heart;

This path- rashly you desire.

Gripped by the claws of malice-

Your path- a morbid death through fire.

Oh, the burden you must hold

Without any hope or care.

May you see-with endless joy

The love Adonai want’s to share?

Then you’d quickly shy away

From the evil clutch you see-

To the world- you could proclaim

“Now through Jehovah, I’m set free!“.

I see, instead, that you chose

A heart simply full of greed.

The flesh, I glimpse, has triumphed-

You have divided want from need.

Full with guile- the corrupt man

Will be constrained as he’ll fall,

For his strong hold on conceit-

When he should trust the Lord of all.

When life conveys some desire

To go enter in “small sin”,

Now know, Christ goes on before-

The feared takeover- He shall win.

Kelsey Hoppman

Here are some photo's by Kelsey as well, just for your enjoyment.
(The above photo's are Kelsey's as well.)

Hope you have a really great week!
Jesus is LORD!


  1. wow kelsey, that's pretty deep and heavy for a young woman your age. Very well done though!
    Loved the pics too:)

  2. Kels- I hope you are putting all your poems and pictures in a book format, so one day you can have it printed!
    I love the picture of the reflection in the puddle and the window and the rain! These should be on YOUR blog!!

  3. Goodness, Lydia, Kelsey's poetry and pictures are beautiful! What a joy to you, as her momma, to see her gifts unfolding!
    Blessings to you, friend~

  4. I agree all! Thank you for all of your thoughtful comments! Yes, I am pretty happy with Kelsey's God-given talents that are emerging full force! Praise to our God from whom ALL blessings flow!!:):)