Monday, May 24, 2010

Bannna/Blackberry Ice Cream

The children and I have a recipe that we enjoy every year.I discovered, a while back, that we could make ice cream without using any dairy products ! I am not against dairy in the state that it is best consumed, but unfortunately, the pasteurized, hormone and chemically laced version isn't one I feel is best for our health. Also our youngest boy, Josiah is allergic to dairy,thus the wonderful, tasty, healthful alternative!! We take bananas and peel them. Then we put the bannanas  into the freezer, in a zip-lock bag  and leave them overnight. The next day we take them out and put them through our Champion juicer. We use a blank slide that covers the place where the juice would  normally come out. So the yummy bannana comes out of the spout and it is sooo creamy and delicious! It is such a fun treat. This time we decided to add frozen blackberries to it for a little variety. It was yummy. You can add any kind of frozen fruit you want and you will enjoy a flavorful, creamy, healthy treat on a warm sunny day! What a great way to celebrate the days of spring and a super reminder that summer isn't far away!! This also can be made in larger amounts and stored in your freeezer for another day, if you like.
Enjoy the photos of the two youngest as they indulge in our spring-time celebration!



What a great way to spend an afternoon with my children, making good memeories, creating,and then eating our creation!!
Now I am off to make some homemade bread and strawberry jam.:)
Hope you have a wonderful day and week!

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  1. The ice cream looks really yummy. I just made some currant ice cream but it was with cream.