Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Great God and King

Family in Christ:
He is so good, He never fails, Jesus is my light, I praise Him now, I thank Him more, He is my all in all, my everything.Oh how He gives, His very life, He gave for you and me! So praise Him now, give back to Him , your whole life through, your songs of love.Bless His holy name, He is right here, He cares for you and me. His light does shine, so bright and true, how I wish for the world to know! He is our God and King, everlasting Father, Majestic One. Sing out His name, His glory too! He deserves all that we can give.Mirth and gladness prove, our life, though short, is His forever, if we serve Him true! Glorify His name and enjoy Him fully, we know He is faithful until the end.Live for Him alone, serve others too, by doing so, we bless Him so! Our comforter, our Advocate. He reigns on High, and lifts us up.If we Bow down low, in prayer and humility, He will pick us up, and take us through! Our Savior knows our hearts and still, He loves us so. His amazing love and grace untold, shows us how, He will never lose this battle ground.All for Him, to Him we owe, our lives and sacred honor guard, for He alone is worthy of, all that we can show. For Him, live strong, until the end, when at deaths door, we'll enter in.He is the one we owe our all in all, He is the ONE TRUE KING and ransom's still. Once captives of, our sin and doom, our God came in and gave His life for ours. Deserving not, He gave it all, we shout out "Glory!" to Him alone!


  1. Amen! He does love you and me! ;-)

  2. that is so beautiful! How He loves us!

  3. Hi Mrs. Hoppman!
    Congrats on your blog! I look forward to more posts too.
    I would also like to take the time to thank you for all the kind, encouraging comments that you have left on my blog. They always put a smile on my face, and I thank the Lord for the work that he has done in you, and the light that shines from your spirit. Thank You!

    In Christ,

  4. Hello Josh!

    You are so sweet.:) I pray that God shows you His great and perfect will for your life. I still pray for you! You are a real blessing to me as well. You and your sister are amazing and your Mom and Dad are such an inspiration as well!God has blessed and gifted you all so much. Keep up the great work in Christ.
    In His Grip,
    Lydia Hoppman

  5. Hello dear friend!
    I will be enjoying your posts now, directly from your own blog! The header picture is beautiful!!!

    Thank you for all your sweet words of encouragement over the months...it is such a blessing to be connected to other moms who really understand.
    Love, Kathy