Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Simple dance

A winding dusty road, leads to the green pastures. A breezy, fresh breath  of air that I inhale deeply, is taking me on a ride along  that joyous path. Memories and laughter,  a smile, words of love, and encouragement, are like the soft Summer rain, renewing and amazing in splashes of light and triumph. I sigh, I remember, I walk along the way with You, Oh God, holding me in your Wonderful  hands.

 There are rays of sun beaming down on all that is good and right in this world, bringing warmth and hope. What can we do? We walk in the light, as He is in the light. We implore others to join in this walk of life. We give inspiration and encouragement, blessings and love.Your  arms of security are there to steady us as we go along the way.

Lord of all, take us there to your place of peace and blessing, the place where you are, that we may be in your Holy will. Oh God I ask for your precious heart of love to wrap around your people to abide in You. Help us to  be like Jesus,telling  the lost of Your goodness and be a bit of heaven for someone who may be struggling as they go. Cause us, your people, to remain in You, your words of truth, your promises forever!.

Father, Glorious Lord, you are what we all need in this dying world, that fades with the noonday  sun. The frailty of mankind, is slowly ebbing, the world as we knew it is dying....BUT, alas, we know you are The Great I AM, the KING of ALL!! You are  the everlasting Father and Prince of peace, no matter what ails us or this world. We have the knowledge of your grace, mercy, truth and unconditional love, There, may our minds rest in You. You are our field,our meadow, our streams of refreshing in the dessert, winding along and giving us the cool, bubbling waters to wash in and be replenished in,  to see your creative reflection in! 

Happy,are those who walk in Your ways and to keep them, those who dance the simple dance of life, with YOU!

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