Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pantry Organization

With my Daughter, Kelsey's help, I was able to organize my pantry storage. The process below shows some photos's during and after we accomplished this!

 The piles we stacked  outside the pantry while cleaning up the floor of my pantry. Some consolidation was in order and putting of bagged goods into buckets. Ah, Order is a good thing! :)

 The  kitchen counters got covered as well during the process!

 Mmmmm! Goodies we forgot we had! :)

 It still amazes me, how much we can fit into this pantry. Thankful! :0

YAY!!! Done!!!! There is great satisfaction in tackling and finishing a project like this!

Enjoy your week in Christ.



  1. I love doing projects like that! It is so satisfactory to organize, and clean. your pantry looks great!

  2. Thank you Marissa! We both had fun too! It takes a lot of work to get and keep neat! Do you all have a pantry?