Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trumpet March!

Where are those who will not only speak of the need for a Godly generation, but those who will do the hard work to train them up? Where are those who really believe what their lips speak, whose lives are a testimony of truly serving and honoring the Word of God. Where are those who will take the time to listen, who care more for the needs of others than their own needs? There is a dearth in the land. This land is drying up for lack of the water of the word, in homes, where small, and older children alike, look for guidance, affirmation, encouragement, blessing, teaching, exhortation, love!! This world in which we live is dangerous, hostile, mean and dark. Our precious children need to know they are loved and that they have a purpose in service to God. Their worth is in HIM not in things, entertainment, pleasure or comforts. Carnal- mindedness will only bring more of a void in their hearts that long for truth and loving direction from those who brought them into this world. They need to know how great is the love of God, and how mighty He is to save and lead them into His good will.

This world is full of half-hearted Christians who live for themselves and this world is lost and dying! We have an opportunity to bring up warriors for Christ. We have the privilege to pour our hearts and time into this next generation, those entrusted into our care, to lead, and suffer for Christ’s sake, to bring change and to make a valid difference in this world for the sake of His glory! To tell others of their need for Christ, and to bring His love to a lost world. What an honor! Why do so many miss the point of our being here? Why do so many walk in compromise, apathy, complacency, and convenience rather than doing those hard things and working strenuously for the cause of Christ??

We have but one life to live and to get this right. We have but one chance to train up Godly men and women who won’t live in fear of man, but rather in Holy fear of God!!! I pray for the hearts of our children to be full of a sense of knowing they are loved and approved, and those who will take the steps of faith in courage and boldness to do those difficult things that may be required of them.

I pray that we can know that they stand upon the rock solid truth and that they have a strong foundation and secure future, because we knelt and prayed for them day and night and because we took the time to teach and lead them. I pray for the hearts of parents, world wide, to seek first the kingdom of God. For those who will love Him with their whole hearts, souls and might! That those same ones might love their neighbor as themselves and be willing to serve the King of Kings! I long to know that my children walk in truth! May we all do what it takes to lead by example, to be humble, teachable and willing, to gently, and firmly train up our children to walk the narrow path and to live the strenuous life for God alone.

To Him be all glory, power and praise. I pray His will be done! Help me to be teachable, God help us all!