Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Firstborn Son is Graduating

Things have been a bit of a whirlwind lately in our home. I have been reminiscing and thinking a lot. Our first-born son is a home school graduate this year. He would have been going through the graduation ceremony on the 23rd. Since we purchased his cap and gown, sent out invitations, put together his photo board, and other such things, he was accepted to intern with a Christian filmmaker. He will be leaving on the 20th to Texas! This is a dream come true for him!! Of course Josh didn't want to miss this opportunity, and he also didn't want to miss his graduation, yet the timing was such that he would have to. He decided, in a very mature way, that the internship is MUCH more important than a mere ceremony. SO, as a mom, I have struggled with this a bit. I too, think his choice a right and wise one, yet I saw the ceremony as important to me as well, maybe too much so. But I have also realized, and been reminded by wonderful Godly friends, that he will be doing what he feels called to and learning, and a ceremony isn't what is so important at all, in the long run. How silly to even worry or feel any kind of sadness! Of course, I am so happy for him and can't wait to see what God will teach him through this really great experience. I praise God for allowing Joshua to be able to go, learn, and make new friends, as well as to mature in ways only this very time will allow.
I want to say how proud we are of Joshua Daniel Hoppman. He is such a joy to our whole family. He is talented, funny, dedicated, kind, encouraging, sweet, hard working, well...he is just so special and we hope that God will use him greatly to make a difference in some way, great or small, by God's enabling grace and empowering. I want to let him know how much we love him and that we will be praying unceasingly, while he is gone on this wonderful adventure.
This is such a rewarding time and yet a time of letting go for me. I know I am riding the roller coaster of emotions about this. It is so exciting and yet I do feel a little sad because he is growing up. He is a young man now and his course is set, his sails are up, and I hope and pray for God's protective and guiding hand always taking him safely through the waters of this life.
OK, I may be sentimental, but it is because lots of hard work, and lots of failures even, have brought him thus far. I thank God for His unending faithfulness, mercy, grace and love through it all.
May Joshua always listen to the voice of His Great and Amazing God, His Savior and Lord, as he navigates the rough and the calm seas. Joshua, we love you! God is watching over you!
We look forward to the many other opportunities and ways God will direct your paths. Trust Him son! Your whole family is cheering you on!!!
To anyone reading: God is good and He never fails. Don't ever give up!!! He watches over us and our precious children.
Love in Christ,


  1. We are praying too, and are soooo excited for our (not so) little Joshua! He is going to do great, and I'm guessing, will do a lot of growing while he's gone. Don't worry - God is in Texas and Tennessee, too! ;-D
    Love you!

  2. Lydia,
    For some reason I am not getting your updates, so I tried to catch up tonight. I am so grateful and excited Joshua was accepted into this program! Wow! But I'm hearing your heart on the growing-up-too-quick...just yesterday I caught my breath as I realized (again) how short the time is. I know it's all good and God-ordained, but I just don't want it to happen. Not yet.
    Blessings to you,